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Movie Reviews: 10/28/2019 to 11/3/2019

Movies reviewed this week: Terminator: Dark Fate.

11/3/2019: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019): ***1/2

The first Terminator movie blew me away by taking time travel seriously and because James Cameron is a superb action movie director. Ditto the sequel.

Dark Fate is richer, more textured, and much more complex. The never-stated implications about what Sarah Connor has been doing are powerful and painful. The acting is much better throughout.

And central to the movie, there’s the focus on women. Dark Fate is a deliberate examination of why Terminator thought it was feminist, and where the flaws were in that theory.

Tim Miller is good but he’s not James Cameron. I wish the action had lived up to everything else.

This should be the capstone to the saga.

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