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Movie Reviews: 11/11/2019 to 11/17/2019

Movies reviewed this week: The Irishman and The Good Liar.

11/16/2019: The Irishman (2019): ***1/2

The last hour is a thoughtful meditation on earned loneliness, which goes beyond Scorsese’s other gangster movies, but the framework is so familiar that it loses impact. Certainly worth the time, just not a masterpiece.

11/17/2019: The Good Liar (2019): ***


So much to like about this movie but the tonal shift towards the end was hard. It’s a con movie and for a while Condon does nothing to dispel the idea that we’re watching one of those sardonic con movies where the right people get what’s coming to them. But my it becomes bleak.

Then again, thinking back on it, the bit with the Russian butcher is a bit of a heads up after all.


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