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Movie Reviews: 6/27/2022 to 7/3/2022

Movies reviewed this week: Age of Bloom and Leave Her to Heaven.

6/28/2022: Age of Bloom (2001): ****

The sting in the middle of this elevates it above nostalgia.

7/2/2022: Leave Her to Heaven (1945): ***1/2


This is insanely lurid and committed to the concept, both in terms of the convoluted plot and the Technicolor cinematography. Gene Tierney has absolutely no qualms about embracing her unrewarding role; Cornel Wilde and Jeanne Crain do what they’re asked to do.

The plot structure is worth a particular note. The movie opens with Wilde getting out of jail, so you know where things are going, so all the tension rests on the path everyone takes. Really effective, albeit in part because the script is willing to ignore spousal privilege.

And man, Tierney is cold in this. “Look, we know it may seem odd that she’s encased everyone who was ever nice to her in a Lucite block and put them on display, but she just loves too much.”


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