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Movie Reviews: 7/11/2022 to 7/17/2022

Movies reviewed this week: Quantum of Solace and Desert Fury.

7/12/2022: Quantum of Solace (2008): ***1/2

I can’t defend the action sequences even if I assume that Forster was deliberately going for a fractured, desperate feel. The rest of the movie works, though: a nearly terminally damaged Bond gets called out on every last speck of his shit and ultimately returns to the fold after shedding the humanity which keeps him from being what M needs.

7/17/2022: Desert Fury (1947): ****

Lizabeth Scott returns home to the desert, where her mother comes to regret that she never taught her child how to wield power. Or something like that. Scott just pinballs around with no idea what she’s doing, while a fair number of smarter, older people reveal their own imperfections in the ways they fail to keep her from screwing up any number of good things. It leans further towards melodrama than noir, but there are plenty of mobsters, so that’s all good.

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