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Population: One

More Biden, more Feinstein

Delaware Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden; Wisconsin Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner; Virginia Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott; Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers; North Carolina Republican Rep. Howard Coble; and California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. What do they have in common? Those are the Congressmen who signed a letter asking the Justice Department to aggressively prosecute people who download copyrighted music files. Cause jail time for MP3 downloading is so very appropriate.

On a jet plane

Well. Verbal confirmation of employment today, and an offer on Monday or Tuesday. I would be very surprised if I didn’t accept the offer. Oh; it’s back in Boston. There will be moving in my future.

Tinkering with hosts

Tried moving the SQL database over to my G4, which is somewhat more powerful than the piddly little Performa that runs No real speed increase. I conclude that MovableType is slow cause of the perl. Not a dig on MT, there; I mean, this is a Performa. Might try mod_perl, though.


I hereby coin the following internet neologism:


I almost believe that browsers should implement that. Actually, I do believe they should implement search://search+terms+here. Someone go write a paper, OK?

Judge Kessler's decision

While I’m on the subject, Judge Kessler’s decision is now available from FindLaw. It’s a PDF document. It warms my heart:

“Difficult times such as these have always tested our fidelity to the core democratic values of openness, government accountability, and the rule of law. The Court fully understands and appreciates that the first priority of the executive branch in a time of crisis is to ensure the physical security of its citizens. By the same token, the first priority of the judicial branch must be to ensure that our Government always operates within the statutory and constitutional constraints which distinguish a democracy from a dictatorship.”

What she said.