Invoking the LazyWeb. I am trying to find this typeface:

It is not Bernhard Gothic, although it’s close. However, the “W” is stepped, like Burghley (although much more regular). I have a PDF with this typeface in it, and it’s identified as Malloy, but I cannot find Malloy on the Web.

I’m perfectly willing to pay for this, I just can’t find the damned thing.

Edit: found it myself; it’s Martin Gothic Bold. (And while I’m at it: ITC Garamond Book Condensed.)


  1. Dunno if it will help, but you might try this: What The Font!

  2. Sadly, that failed. 🙁

  3. Is this another Shadowfist font? It looks awfully familiar…

  4. Why, yes, it is. It’s the card title font. It’s also used for the power, body, and so on.

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