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Category: Gaming

Welcome to the jungle

In a fit of automation, I have abused the excellent MTMacro plugin to create an <amazon> tag. <amazon title=”Monster Manual II” asin=”0786928735”> would be blithely transformed into the appropriate link to Amazon. I do this, yes, because I’m too lazy to build affiliate links by hand each time.

The macro code, for those even lazier than I:

<MTMacroDefine name="Amazon" tag="amazon">
<a href="<MTMacroAttr name="asin">/unofficfengshuih/ref=nosim/"><MTMacroAttr name="title"></a>

Mind you, I’m also too lazy to implement this in all the site templates, so until I get unlazy and do a bunch of editing, the feature’s pretty worthless.

Minature grassroots

Won’t you join me in my quest to convince WizKids Games to release a Grant Morrison miniature for HeroClix DC? Grant’s a legitimate character (with superpowers) in the current DC continuity, having appeared briefly in Suicide Squad Volume 1, issue 58. Thus, he’s appropriate fodder for a HeroClix minature.

I encourage you to write politely registering your interest in such a figure. It’s probably good to mention that Morrison exists in continuity, as per my geekish notes above.

I got back a nice response to my email:

Dear Bryant,

Thanks for your email. I’m glad you are enjoying HeroClix. We do appreciate hearing from our fans about what they would like to see in future expansions, even if we can’t always accommodate the request. I have no idea what characters will be included in any future expansions. Game Design likes to keep the figures a secret until they are announced.

Best Regards,


So there you have it. You’ll be appreciated. How often do you get the chance to be appreciated just for writing an email?