I’ve added my Dreamwidth account to the crosspost list, under the assumption that you never know what’s coming down the pike. Own your identity.

Step Three

My 101 tasks blog is merged and assimilated. Burp.

Some reworking of categories (mostly to turn the sub-subcategories of Gaming into tags) and I’ll feel done. I will be doing a fair bit of tagging later on but that can wait.

Step Two

Imaginary Vestibule has been merged into Population One. Still to do: a couple of redirects and a bunch of category editing. Apologies if this does horrendous things to anyone’s RSS feeds.

Edit: category mergers complete.
Edit 2: Vestibule redirect complete.

Step three is another blog merger, and then I have some CSS cleanup/modification to do, and then I think I’m done.

Step One

Step one completed.

D&D Stuff

Just in case anyone was missing it — most of my D&D commentary will wind up over here, since I wanted my compatriots to be able to post as well.


Several days late, but here we go. My 1001 days started on 2/1/2009, and will end on 10/20/2001. For more details, see my launch page.

Pointer One

I am keeping a new blog for reviews, roleplaying thoughts, and anything that I can sloppily lump under the term “culture.”

It’s here:

Imaginary Vestibule.


So as was fairly noticeable, we had a hard drive crash here at Innocence Central a couple of weeks ago. Recovery is in progress, nothing was lost, etc. So not very traumatic. On the other hand, it did get me thinking about what I wanted to do with my blog, my LiveJournal, and so forth.

After a bunch of said thinking, I decided to shut down this blog. It’s been around for five years or so, which is probably about enough time. Somewhere back there I got distracted from writing about culture and into politics, which was fun for a few years, but yeah. I’ve lost my zest for that.

For the time being, personal stuff will wind up on my LiveJournal. Chances are very good there’ll be a new blog at a later date, which will feed into my LJ. My LJ will, under the current plan, wind up having posts that the blog doesn’t have. I could draw a Venn diagram but it’s not that hard.

So, good night, Popone! Comments are closed; the archives will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Cynical PageRanking

This isn’t a real post; this is a way to spread what paltry Googlejuice I have.

Hey! Cameron Rogers!

Stephanie Durrell!

Kicking uphill

Movable Type 3.2 beta?


Working OK?


Getting a real workout?


By the way, SpamLookup? Keeps spam comments away even when you’re completely neglecting your blog. It’s awesome.

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