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Lawsuit schedule

The schedule for discovery in the White Wolf v. Sony case is currently as follows:

Each party can serve 5 interrogatories and 4 document requests. Responses are due within 15 days of the services. Following that, White Wolf can take depositions from Wiseman, Grevioux, and McBride; Sony can take depositions from authors of the copyrighted works. Depositions have to be completed by 10/24/03. (Perhaps the cause of the recent subpoenas on White Wolf authors?)

White Wolf has till 10/31/03 to file a new or supplementary brief based on the depositions, and Sony has till 11/19/03 to respond. White Wolf has till 11/28/03 to respond to that. The hearing on a preliminary injunction is to be scheduled after 11/30/03.

Underworld will be out of theaters by then, but since Underworld 2 has been signed, the matter is still of importance to Sony. And, of course, there are DVD revenues.

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