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Month: January 2009

Purge DVDs

I have a few DVDs I don’t need or want. (The latter saves the entire sentence from being an understatement. I have a ton of DVDs I don’t, strictly speaking, need…) I want to sell them.


See all the Oscar nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Film, Best Animated Film, Best Directing, Best Documentary, and Best Foreign Film for any year. 2007 looks pretty plausible, actually.

Update to task:

Here’s the 2007 Oscar winner checklist. I added screenplays, because it wasn’t going to mean too many more movies. Those I’ve seen are in bold.


Most likely roleplaying in nature, although not necessarily. The idea is to do something big — a campaign world, a game, something with a bit of substance to it.

Submit a Story

This task is not contingent on success, because who knows? Paper outlets are fine; Web outlets are also fine. If possible, this should be a SFWA qualifying market, but that’s not essential.

Dungeons and Index Cards

I tried using a stack of index cards instead of an initiative tracker last session, and it worked out pretty well. I put most of the monster stats on each card, plus checkboxes for hit points. I think it was smoother than using the tracker.

I may need to put more of the stats on each card; I kept having to go back to the book. Maybe only for more or less simple monsters, and Big Bads can still require book reference?

I really like the ease of having defenses and hit points all in hand, though. The checkboxes in particular fit how my mind works.