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Month: January 2009

Level Cap a Hordie

I would like to, someday, break through the level 20 barrier and get up to a decent level. I have Horde friends who want to play with me. Note that I didn’t say level 80 level cap; it’s entirely possible I won’t get to this before the next expansion.

Optimize Abbi

My wee little gnome tank is fun to play, but I’m quite happy not raiding. So the logical thing to do is to optimize her gear such that she can contribute well on raids. I’m fairly sure she could OT Naxxramas, since she’s OT’d Sartharion already, but I dislike making healers sad. So better gear is in order.

Run One-shots

I don’t do as much gaming as I’d like to, and I’d really like to break through my laziness about running short-term games. I had a stretch where I did a few. Let’s get those GMing muscles back.