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15. The Morninglord’s Laughter (SPEC 2-1 H3)

Blah, this is a hard one to write about. I hate saying a game sucked, but this one pretty much sucked. The players were very solid; I think this was maybe the most competent group I’d played with as a whole (me, Susan, Hudson, Tim from Gaspcon, Brad, and Theron). Edit: several months later, we had Theron as a DM at Gencon, and thus I have fixed my misspelling of his name.

Mark, the DM, was not really what I was looking for when I signed up for a super-tough storyline-focused special adventure at DDXP. He got tagged to run it for us at the last minute when the muster was short of DMs, so I cut him some slack for that, but if you’re stuck in 3.5 land you shouldn’t be running specials. No, undead aren’t immune to unconscious. Yes, teleporting away from a pursuing avenger triggers his class ability. Yes, when a troll regenerates and attacks a PC, the PC should be told explicitly what’s going on. Yes, when you screw up and forget which one of your miniatures represents a minion, you should cut the warlock some slack given that his strategy involved cursing and killing a minion first.

Grumpy. I had a modicum of fun because the other players were really excellent players, and because I think I could see the skeleton of a good adventure underneath Mark’s snide remarks about the elements he didn’t understand, but man. That could have been way better.

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