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January Wrapup

8 people DMed for me: Amanda, Dean, Jeff, John, Mark B, Mark D., Melody, and Peter.

26 people played with me: Amanda, Andy, Brad, Charles, Dallas (female), Dallas (male), Dan, Emily, Garry, Hudson, Jack, James, Jennifer, John, Mark B., Peter, Randy, Robert, Ryan, Susan, Terry, Theren, Tim from AmberMUSH, Tim from Pennsylvania, Tom, and evil Tony. Unsurprisingly, Susan played with me the most. I think Hudson’s number two.

I DMed for 15 people: Emily, Frank, Hudson, Jeff, Jon, Kirby, Mark, Nina, Noah, Peter, Susan, evil Tony, good Tony, Trevor, and Zach. Two of those were first time D&D players. That’s pretty cool.

That’s 38 people in all, some of whose names I misspelled. Sorry! It’s also 15 games total, nine of which I played and six of which I ran. Two of the adventures I ran were double-length, as was one of the ones I played in. At an average of four hours apiece, that’s 72 hours of Living Forgotten Realms. I expect to be cutting back next month. It could be worse, I could still be raiding in WoW.

I had a lot of fun.

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