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17. Faint Hope (AKAN 1-7)

I decided to run this as a MapTool game because it’s one of the 1-4s I’ve never run or played. It was in fact pretty fun, although I have some quibbles. My players were Matt, Ryven, Draden Tristen, Neldar, Crow of Pyke, and Xalcair.

I really liked the group; this is one of the best MapTool LFR experiences I’ve had. We had zero technical issues. There was maybe a bit of conflict between roleplay oriented players and tactically oriented players but people gave each other space to do what they wanted, which was nice, and much appreciated by the DM.

The module is really straight-forward but had some good roleplay bits. I thought the NPCs were well drawn, even if the PCs didn’t get to make many (if any) real choices about them. It’s weird that there’s no skill challenge, but I guess you’re allowed to do that. The combat encounters were really good.

There’s a bit of roleplay at the beginning which is marked optional that I skipped because I couldn’t imagine it working out well. Basically, the only “right” move for the PCs is to ignore someone who’s being antagonistic. Given that this is dull, I pared it down a bit and used the remnants to establish the tone desired.

All in all a fun module. I’d run it again.

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