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18. Arts (DALE 1-7)

More Arts? Don’t mind if I do…

I played with Emperor799, Maelwys, Monouk, Matt, and Zeitgeist – yep, another MapTool game. Collin’s still working his way towards level 4. It looks like he might get there before our next MiniMoreCon, which would be keen. Dareus DMed. We boldly went for it on high despite a preponderance of level 1 or 2 characters. Since certain gnomes rolled dead last on initiative, and since our DM did not take advantage of certain knock prone powers, we managed to clear out of a certain doorway before certain bad things happened.

So that was satisfying, and it was nice to play Arts, although it’s not as much fun as a replay when you know what’s going on. I chewed the scenery in my teaching scene and stayed out of the way of the investigation otherwise. Hopefully I can find a Crafts run at some point; if I happen to play that next, Collin will hit level 3.

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