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19. Patronage and Pestilence (CORM 1-7)

More MapTool games! Collin is now only three sessions away from level 4. This experiment in leveling quickly has proven to be a success.

Draden Tristen GMed; he did a great job of moving things along and running the combats well. My fellow players were Crow of Pyke, Logopolis, Neldar, Maelwys, and Dareus. Crow played his warlord again and I found it deeply satisfying to play a fighter with a warlord. We spent a good part of one fight keeping two monsters locked down as he granted me basic attacks.

In general, actually, it was a great adventure for Collin. I’m really getting the hang of his movement powers. I did a couple of shift, Footwork Lure, shift tricks to keep monsters off fragile party members and set up bursts for our psion.

I also liked the adventure itself a lot. Lots of choices, all interesting. Now that I’ve read it, I think I’d reskin the high tier monsters to be the same as the low tier monsters, since the low tier monsters are more relevant to the storyline – but it’s fun either way.

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