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29. Incident at the Gorge of Gauros (CORE 1-6)

Incident at the Gorge of Gauros is second in the Radiance Against Thay quest, so now I guess Reed has to play What Storms May Come, huh? And conveniently, he’s now paragon, so I’ll keep an eye out for that one… damn, we could have signed up for it at Regulator Con, but right now nobody else is signed up for it and we have a sure thing in that slot. Ah well.

Draden DMed this on Maptools; my fellow players were Matt J., Ceneakor, spayne, and Emperor799. This was the first time I’d seen a high level taclord in action. Spayne was pretty terrifying. It was also the first time I’d seen people using mounts heavily. I can’t say I was deeply impressed – mostly the benefit was Draden pounding on a mount instead of a PC, and that was a DM choice thing. Not worth the effort if you ask me, but they didn’t make the game painful either, so no objections from me.

The module was good but not awesome. I liked the story continuation quite a bit. The fights didn’t strike me as very difficult, but it was a fairly optimized party. Sort of a B+; I’d run or play it again, certainly.

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