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37. The Paladins’ Plague

I do not remember anything about The Paladins’ Plague except that I ran it for eight hours on Saturday.

OK, that is a lie. I have a stack of cards here that reminds me that Matt C., Barry, Susan, Mary Alyce, Meaghan, and Matt M. played. I just now realized how generous Matt C. was in his choice of character, since he gave up playing his striker in favor of playing a defender who’s unlikely to be seen in LFR ever again. Dude, awesome.

It was a pretty fun group; I’d have to admit that some of the mustering left me a tad annoyed for reasons that IMHO were validated during the game, but as the GM I’m there to make sure people have a good time and that’s where I’d best be getting my satisfaction. So I did, and I really had a good time GMing for them. 

They had a nicely balanced party. Every encounter was a total success, but most of the combat encounters ran right up to the time limit and I came very close to a TPK in both the final two encounters. The coordinator for the BI told us to skip the first fight of the second round, probably because Regulator Con uses four hour slots. On the one hand, I regret not having the chance to run it. On the other hand, I suspect it would have eaten enough resources to tip one of those two near-TPKs into the real thing, which would have been a shame. 

Running the BI was a last-minute thing for me – Susan and I had hoped to get two more paragon adventures in. Turns out there weren’t enough people interested in anything other than the BI on Saturday. I think it was the only thing running, with something like twelve tables. But you know, I can pick up those paragon mods any time, probably with the local crowd, and I’m not gonna get a lot of opportunity to GM the BI. I’m really glad I got the chance.

And that was Saturday.

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