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38. The Ancient Temple (IMPI 1-6)

“Hey,” you say, “IMPI 1-6 isn’t out yet!” I nod wisely, and observe that Dave Guerrieri is one of the Cormyr regional admins and gets copies of modules early. Not BALD 2-1, which is what we were gonna play, but he had IMPI 1-6. Thus, me and Susan and Jason B. and David and Dan E. (who was at our BI table at DDXP) played that. Brian J. GMed. All good.

It was really quick, partially because we played on low tier despite a reasonably high level party and partially because Brian’s a pretty speedy GM. We’re not talking anything like the infamous one hour Black Knight of Arabel runs, here, but I think we were done in two and a half hours. I like a little more meat on my modules; on the other hand, Sunday morning after a full two days is Sunday morning after a full two days. So hey!

This was the only paragon module we played that didn’t have a paragony-feeling plot. Not a problem for me, since there are only so many political intrigues one can sort out. Sometimes it’s going to be a nice dungeon crawl. There’s also a big hint of Impiltur political problems to come. Good stuff.

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