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39. Black Heart (MOON 1-6)

Speaking of quick runs! Susan, Mark B., Dave Guerrieri and I cranked through Black Heart in two hours flat. Luke GMed. I’m kind of thinking maybe I want to schedule H1 games for con Sundays? It’s hard to give a paragon module the proper attention after two full days of gaming. 

The adventure would have been much better if we’d done the previous two in the series. I did like that our seriously clueless low-Insight characters got more or less conned by someone with way more temporal power than any of us. There was one bit where I felt distinctly railroaded, but without looking at the adventure I’m not sure if there was just something I missed or what.

I’ll definitely have to check out the whole series to see if it’s worth making a point of running it.

And that completed Regulator Con, after which Susan nobly drove back in the rain. Now I am very tired and I want to finish updating my character tracker, then sleep.

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