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March Wrapup

In like a lamb, out like a lion. I managed twelve games once again, despite a very slow start to the month. My February ratio of 8 played to 4 run held true for this month too. Over half of the games (7) were at a con, and three of them were online. I can’t imagine I’ll play as many games in April, but we’ll see.

I had 7 different DMs again, with Tom A. the only repeat offender. I count 36 people on my tracking sheet; I DMed for 15 of them, and played with 24. Give or take a counting error. One of these days I’ll spruce up my spreadsheet. Yeah, that’s a touch obsessive of me.

Reed is my highest level character at 13. I also played Sirath this month, but he stayed at level 2. Collin stayed at level 4. Alesk and Veil got no play, and remained levels 5 and 2 respectively. Timothy gets a special mention for being my D&D Encounters character, which I am not otherwise counting. He’ll arrive in LFR at level 2, I think.

I am one game short of 40 for the year. Still not upping my goal, though.

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