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40. Sense of Wonder (CORE 1-3)

April’s LFR began with Sense of Wonder, with Susan GMing. My fellow players were Mark, Tom, and Jason B. for a full set of the Bradleys; we also had Hudson and Jonathan. Legends was closed at the last minute so we jaunted on down to Games and Stuff, which is still an awesome space to play, I gotta admit. But 40 minutes away. C’est la vie.

The module is pretty decent. Not insanely challenging, but lots of roleplay and some fun NPCs, which Susan did a great job with. We had the double leader double defender configuration. That always makes combats feel a bit like pillow fights, especially since my Collin is rocking two daily healing powers himself. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself mightily. I’m looking forward to Collin’s first 4-7 outing this Thursday.

Hm, which is BALD 1-2 with three defenders and two leaders. This’ll be a hoot.

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