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109. The Blinking Eye of Fire (SPEC 2-1 P1)

I didn’t sign up for The Blinking Eye of Fire, but there were in theory two open slots and no defender playing, so plenty of room for Collin. Also the experience would get him to level 14 and upgrade his bracers, so why not?

Unfortunately, our prospective leader wasn’t feeling well, so he bowed out, which left us with Kerwin running for me, Bennet O., George O., and Joe G. No leader. If they’d had a fifth player I would have bailed, but without me, no table. I wasn’t too worried about Collin living through the mod, given his self-healing capabilities, but the bracers were a high tier reward and the vibe from the table was a bit weird… ah well.

The run was clean enough. I have no real idea what the story was, and Joe sulked when he found out he couldn’t shift underwater. The first encounter was somewhat tough. The second encounter wasn’t. I did get quasi-dominated a couple of times and rolled two crits while attacking party members, which is always good for a sardonic chuckle.

Also, Collin is now P2, which is very strange. Cool, though.

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