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AI Oracle Part 2

New text AI! Let’s try it on some tabletop RPG work. Bold is my prompts; I’ve snipped the polite banter out of most of the AI’s answers.

Spoiler: this is way better than the last one I tried. If I repeat the same prompt it gets a little repetitive, but still not bad.

Can you design me a D&D dungeon, two levels, populated mostly by hobgoblins but maybe with a lich at the end? It would be cool if there was a chapel in it.

Sure, I’d be happy to help you design a dungeon for your D&D game. Here’s a rough outline of a two-level dungeon that could work for what you’re looking for:

Level 1: The Chapel
This level of the dungeon is dominated by a large chapel that has been taken over by the hobgoblins who now use it as their lair. The chapel itself is filled with pews and altars that have been defaced and desecrated by the hobgoblins. The hobgoblins themselves are led by a hobgoblin warlord who has set up his throne on the chapel’s altar.

The chapel is guarded by a group of hobgoblin warriors who patrol the area and challenge any intruders. In addition to the warriors, there are also a number of hobgoblin archers stationed on the balconies and in the rafters of the chapel, ready to rain arrows down on any intruders.

Hidden among the pews and altars, the players may find a number of valuable treasures that the hobgoblins have plundered from nearby villages and travelers. They may also discover a secret door leading down to the second level of the dungeon.

Level 2: The Crypts
The second level of the dungeon is a network of crypts and burial chambers that have been taken over by the hobgoblins and used as a makeshift barracks and storage area. The hobgoblins on this level are led by a hobgoblin shaman who serves as their spiritual leader and serves as a font of powerful magic.

The crypts are filled with the graves of long-dead nobles and warriors, many of which have been disturbed and desecrated by the hobgoblins. The players may encounter a number of undead creatures on this level, including skeletons and zombies that have been animated by the hobgoblin shaman’s dark magic.

At the end of the crypts, the players may discover the hobgoblin shaman’s secret sanctum, a hidden chamber where the shaman conducts dark rituals and communes with the spirits of the dead. In this chamber, the players may find the lich that you mentioned, who has been summoned by the hobgoblin shaman and now serves as their master.

The lich is a powerful and ancient undead creature that is immune to most forms of physical damage and can unleash devastating spells upon the players. The players will need to use all of their cunning and skill to defeat the lich and put an end to its reign of terror.

Can you make me a random encounter table for that dungeon?

Sure, I’d be happy to help you create a random encounter table for your dungeon. Here’s a rough outline of what such a table might look like:

  1. Hobgoblin patrol (2-4 hobgoblin warriors)
  2. Roaming pack of goblin dogs
  3. Hobgoblin archers (2-4 hobgoblin archers)
  4. Skeleton warriors (1-2 skeletons)
  5. Zombie (1 zombie)
  6. Hobgoblin shaman (1 hobgoblin shaman)
  7. Wandering ghost
  8. Lich (1 lich)

You can use this table as-is or modify it to suit the specific needs and challenges of your game. Remember, the goal of a random encounter table is to provide the dungeon master with a quick and easy way to generate interesting encounters on the fly, so feel free to improvise and make changes as needed. Good luck and have fun!

Can you make me a list of ten weird psychedelic encounters that take place on an ultraviolet dusty plain traveled by caravans?

  1. The travelers come across a group of humanoid cacti dancing in a circle around a crackling bonfire.
  2. The caravan is ambushed by a pack of giant, brightly-colored insects that shoot blinding flashes of light from their eyes.
  3. The travelers stumble upon a field of giant, pulsating mushrooms that emit a hypnotic humming sound.
  4. A tribe of nomadic, neon-skinned humans emerge from the dust and offer the travelers psychedelic fruits and drinks.
  5. The travelers come across a group of humanoid jackalope-like creatures that can change their colors and patterns at will.
  6. A massive, multi-tentacled sandworm rises from the ground and attacks the caravan, dragging it and its occupants down into the depths.
  7. The travelers come across a massive, swirling vortex of dust and colors that seems to be alive and sentient.
  8. The caravan is attacked by a group of humanoid, dust-covered ghosts that can pass through solid objects and drain the life force of their victims.
  9. The travelers come across a group of glowing, crystalline plants that release a cloud of hallucinogenic spores when touched.
  10. The caravan is approached by a group of traveling mystics who offer to read the travelers’ fortunes and reveal their true destinies.

Can you make me a list of ten fantasy random encounters suitable for a steampunk city full of rogues and thieves?

  1. The travelers come across a group of pickpockets who are trying to steal from the city’s residents.
  2. The travelers stumble upon a hidden underground fight club where powerful and dangerous creatures are forced to fight for the entertainment of the wealthy elite.
  3. The travelers are approached by a group of rebels who are fighting against the oppressive government of the city and need the travelers’ help.
  4. The travelers come across a group of thieves who are trying to rob a wealthy merchant’s carriage.
  5. The travelers stumble upon a hidden workshop where a mad scientist is creating bizarre and dangerous steampunk gadgets.
  6. The travelers are attacked by a group of clockwork automatons that have gone haywire and are wreaking havoc on the city.
  7. The travelers come across a group of street performers who are able to create intricate and beautiful illusions with their magic.
  8. The travelers stumble upon a hidden secret society of thieves who are planning a massive heist on the city’s most secure vault.
  9. The travelers are approached by a group of mercenaries who are looking for new recruits to join their ranks.
  10. The travelers come across a group of escaped prisoners who are desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Can you provide me with ten plot hooks for a horror game set in Paris during the 1880s?

  1. A series of grisly murders has been plaguing the city, and all evidence points to a mysterious figure known only as the “Goule of the Catacombs,” rumored to be a cannibalistic creature that stalks the underground tunnels beneath the city.
  2. The players discover that their favorite café is actually a front for a cult that worships an ancient, eldritch god.
  3. A cursed object, believed to have been brought back from the colonies, is causing the residents of a wealthy neighborhood to descend into madness.
  4. The players must investigate the disappearance of a famous opera singer, who was last seen performing at the Opera Garnier.
  5. A group of ghost hunters, including the players, are hired to investigate a haunted chateau outside the city. However, they soon realize that the ghosts are not the only danger lurking in the old building.
  6. A plague of rats has been sweeping through the city, and the players must uncover the truth behind the infestation before it’s too late.
  7. The players are hired to retrieve a valuable artifact from a wealthy collector, only to discover that the artifact is cursed and has the power to control the dead.
  8. A serial killer, known as the “Butcher of the Marais,” has been targeting young women, and the players must use their wits and cunning to track down the killer before they strike again.
  9. The players stumble upon a secret society of necromancers, who are using black magic to raise an army of the dead.
  10. The players must uncover the truth behind a series of strange disappearances at the city’s famous cemeteries, before they become the next victims.


  1. Ginger Ginger

    I feel like I might steal some of these prompts.

    • I told my instance a bit about House of Cards — just the character write-ups — then:

      Write me ten plot hooks using those characters, with each one involving two or three of the characters.

      1. Delta, Celina, and Raven team up to investigate a mysterious mirror-portal that has appeared in Rebma.
      2. Jerod, Tricksey, and Misao work together to uncover a conspiracy in the court of Tyrell.
      3. Fletcher, Hannah, and Conner must join forces to defend Amber against a surprise attack from the Moonriders.
      4. Brita, Vere, and Garrett must navigate the treacherous political waters of the Pearl Islands to secure an alliance against the Klybesians.
      5. Edan, Paige, and Raven must lead a joint military operation to retake a strategically important Shadow from the forces of Chaos.
      6. Folly, Harsh, and Rowen must work together to uncover a plot by the Dragons of Arden to invade Amber.
      7. Brennan, Ossian, and Jerod must uncover the truth about Cambina’s death and bring the culprit to justice.
      8. Conner, Brita, and Hannah must figure out a way to stop Gerard from losing his sanity and becoming a threat to Amber.
      9. Edan, Folly, and Tricksey must band together to stop a rebellion in the floating city-state of Nexon before it spreads to other realms.
      10. Raven, Vere, and Celina must work together to prevent the destruction of Rebma by a powerful enemy.

      One of these days I need to figure out how to give the underlying engine a full text corpus to learn from.

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